A man who allegedly tried to steal from a building site in Akwa Ibom State got his hands stuck to the pillars due to the presence of juju planted by the owner.

It was a display of the efficacy of the powers of African ‘juju’ » when an alleged thief, identified as Effiong, who tried to steal from a building site got stuck to the pillars of the building, only getting relief when the owner of the building
chanted some incantations » to free him.

According to a Facebook user, Dominic Esifa , the incident happened in Esuk Oro in the Oron Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, when the residents of the community were woken up to the strange sight of the man glued to the pillar of the building which is still under construction.

The unfortunate thief, Effiong

Photo Credit: Facebook

The thief was reportedly beaten up severely before being handed over to the police who took him away.

This is how Esifa captured the incident:


“Residents of Esuk Oro, Oron, woke up this morning to meet this man, Effiong, from Udung Okung, stuck to building materials he was attempting to steal in a site.”

Effiong did not know what hit him

“It took the intervention of the owner of the property to get him off the hook. He has since been handed over to the police.”

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