Ever wondered what being in a relationship with a thick girl feels like? This article answers most of your questions

There is so much to be said about what the perfect body shape looks like, but of course, this article won’t dwell on that.

What needs to be pointed out is that many thin women eat loads of junk food and remain as thin as a broomstick; while some big girls eat healthy, and still get all the abuse.

You need to realise that we are made of different genetics and metabolisms.

You also cannot dispute the fact that there are beautiful, amazing women in all shapes and sizes and if you degrade any woman because of their size, then you need some growing up to do.

Having said that, I feel the need to add that this article is not an excuse to have terrible eating habits and refuse to work out and stay in shape when you know you REALLY need to.

Big Beautiful Women, aka BBW, the ones who are confident in their bodies, and have no self-esteem issues could actually be the best to fall in love with.

Really, there are numerous reasons why you should date a thick girl, and below are 6 of them.


Ever felt your throat dry up at the thought of walking up a slim, hot girl? Well, you will never have that problem with thick girls.

This is not to say that all plus-sized girls are friendly and won’t curve you if they have to, though.

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The thing is just that, many [in fact, more than many] of them are really friendly, and often easy to warm up to.

Not obsessive about weight-watching

Slim girls that go on and on obsessively about watching their weight can be so much stress, really.

You can’t buy them chocolates, no chicken, basically nothing because they don’t want anything to ruin their shape. [Shior]

Date a big girl though, and you’ll most likely not have to worry about any of that.

Their sense of humour is A1

Many big women have a rib-cracking sense of humor. I’ve been in close quarters with so many of them to know that there is a truth to this. You surely will benefit from the laughter that a thick girl brings.

They’re usually good cooks

I hear BBW’s are good cooks. Well, you might disagree, but I think this is absolutely true. I rest my case.

Great cuddlers

This is just plain logical. I mean, just imagine being cuddled up on a cold, wet night with all that bundle of warmth and intimacy… Just perfect, right? Well, you might not get to know this joy till you date a BBW.

Sex with them is… everything

Well, from what I have read and heard, intimate times with thick, big women can be worth more than all the experiences you’ve ever had with the thin ones.

I hear they hold you real tight and those soft, tender curves cushion you and heighten your pleasure…

Ok, guys, I’m going to just stop there. [Lol]

If you want to know how dating a BBW feels like, go out there and get yourself one.

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I’m willing to bet you will not regret it!