– A baby boy with no eyes was born in China
– The infant was diagnosed with Anophthalmia and will never be able to see
– The rare eye condition affects one in every 100,000 babies
A baby boy who is yet to be named was born with an extremely rare disease called Anophthalmia, meaning he has no eyes

The child was born on September 20 with a rare condition meaning he has no eyes

An 8-days-old boy (he was born in September 20) from Guangzhou, China, will never be able to see as he has no eye tissue.
The child’s devastated parents attended every antenatal check and were shocked when instead of looking into their son’s eyes they saw only his small eyelids.

The boy’s family say their son cries and swings his hands like any other child

They are now consulting other specialists in a larger hospital to get a proper medical examination of the baby and plan his future.

The boy’s mother is determined to bring him up despite the obstacles the family might face in the years to come and hope that charity organisations will help their family.

The boy was born with Anophthalmia which means he has little or no eye tissue

Anophthalmia is an extremely rare disease and is mostly rooted in genetic abnormalities.

Genetic mutations, chromosomal abnormalities, and prenatal environment can all cause anophthalmia.

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