Tagged ”Last femcee standing” on the cover, Eva goes on to talk about overcoming depression with writing and music.

Eva Alordiah who recently released her “1960” album graces the cover of the latest issue of Guardian Life Magazine.

The rapper tagged “Last femcee standing” starts off talking a little about her background and then her brand as a musician, make-up artist, writer and fashion designer.

She goes on to briefly explain why she has been seemingly off the music scene for a while, with just a couple singles, features and mixtapes speaking for her.

“I never disappear at length, there’s always something going on, sometimes it’s not made extremely public, but I am always in there somewhere. Life itself is in seasons and there’s a time foe everything,” she says. As a business owner and entertainer, I understand the need to step away a few times and make some adjustments, to refocus, to realign with the purpose for doing what it is that I do,”she goes on to say.

Speaking at her “1960” album listening party on overcoming depression, Eva says it is a choice we have, to be happy or sad, to be grateful or complain. “I have found that depression can become an excuse to not create. Instead of sitting in the chair thinking of how badly I might feeling, I garner strength enough not to lean in the emotional rut too long that I forget my ultimate purpose. I pray. That’s what I do. It’s a calling forth by faith of those things which are not as though they were. It is an expression of positive attitude and depression fades away when that is present. ”

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The gifted femcee also talked about how writing her first collection of short stories “11” helped battle depression, establishing a fact that ‘Reading’ and ‘Writing’ are probably the best things to do when you are feeling depressed.

On faring as an independent artist, the rapper says she has learned a lot about business acquiring skills she otherwise thought impossible, leading teams, managing processes, people and emotions, and is grateful and happier for it.

About future plans, Eva plans to go on a nationwide tour spanning 13 states in Nigeria to promote the “1960” album (available for purchase on 1960thealbum.com), which would be followed by an African leg tour and also she will be putting more work on her “theEvaAlordiahLife” makeup online TV show as well as a women clothing line collection.