Resident prostitutes in a brothel in Abia State have claimed the mysterious death of their colleague and her customer was caused by evil spirits.

The police in Abia State are still scratching their heads to unravel the mystery behind the death of a prostitute » and her male customer inside a room in a brothel called 50-50 Bar located on 44 Uyo Street, Umuahia, the state capital.

Apart from the death of the two, six other people in the hotel were discovered unconscious and rushed to a hospital where they receiving treatment.

Abia Facts Newspaper reports that the hotel is said to be haunted as some of the commercial sex workers living there were alleged to have said they have been experiencing mysterious slaps some weeks back and that one person was left unconscious after the slap.

This incident of strange slaps, it was learned, led to all the prostitutes to flee the brothel but that the proprietress, recruited news ladies from other cities.

According to eyewitnesses, on the day the couple lost their lives, there was a serious commotion as the panic-stricken prostitutes were alleged to have rushed out of the brothel at about 8am, with shouts of ‘ghost, ghost, ghost,’ rending the air.

The residents were said to have concluded that the prostitutes were either attacked by ghosts or evil spirits but a staff of the brothel said there was no ghost habiting the place.

The staff member narrated that the owner of the brothel had bought and renovated the building for business some months ago.

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The State Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO),

Nta Ogbonnaya Nta, who confirmed the incident, said the police has not found any evidence of foul play and would intensify investigations into the cause of the tragedy. »

“It is a pity what happened at 44, Uyo Street, 50-50 Bar. We recovered two bodies and six unconscious people from the building. We took them to the hospital. Only the doctor can confirm them dead or otherwise.”

“The two bodies were those of a man and a woman while the six others were men. They were picked in different rooms. 200 other occupants of the brothel have deserted the place by the time the police arrived the scene.”