Sometimes, staying at home could be all you need to have a nice time with that special person. Why not make the best of it?

Dates. I bet what came to your mind after seeing that word had more to do with outdoor activities and social gatherings than staying at home.

For some, being cozy on a sofa, or trying a new recipe with Bae at her apartment kitchen does not sound fun enough when they are considering dates.

Of course, there are loads of fun places to see if you indeed want to go out, but on some days when all you want to do is be alone with your Boo, you shouldn’t have to worry about being bored or not having much to do.

As always, ngvibes Relationships got you covered.

Here are homey date-night ideas you should definitely try soon.

Play board games

Game nights don’t have to be for families. Classic games like Monopoly, Scrabble, and Twister can actually be really fun. Or, to add an adult twist, you can play a strip version of just about anything.

Ask each other questions

In one famous experiment, scientists reportedly made couples fall in love by having them ask each other 36 questions, and giving answers while looking straight into each other’s eyes.

Have some kitchen fun

Grab a recipe that interests both of you, and try to prepare it together. Regardless of the result, y’all are sure to catch some fun while at it.

Light some candles

Spread a blanket, and dine on the floor while few candles glow around you. You could actually dress up to make it look fancy. Who says you can’t?

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Turn on that your much-loved music and have as much fun as you would at the club, except of course, you’ll be in your living room and it’s just two of you.

Video games

You can try Pokemon Go, Angry Birds, or whatever’s on your phone.

Mind you, guys, make sure you only suggest something your girl will enjoy playing. [I guess that rules out FIFA 17, yeah?]