– Sanjay Nijhawan killed his wife by stabbing her 124 times
– His wife was said to have asked for a divorce before he lashed out
– Sanjay is claiming he was not in the right frame of mine when he attacked her

Sanjay, the killer

According to reports by Mirror UK, an 46 year old Indian man called Sanjay Nijhawan, who is a banker in the UK, is part of an ongoing trial after he stabbed his wife to death with a knife and an axe.
It is said that his 38 year old deceased wife was stabbed 124 times in today. He first stabbed her in the head and neck before slitting her throat and this was all because she wanted a divorce.

Sanjay’s dead wife, Sonita

Sanjay had been struggling financially and had just lost his well-paid job at Barclays bank. He was found beside his wife’s lifeless body by family members who came to visit.

When arrested, he appeared to look distressed and quite panicked. Investigators also found Sanjay had made serached on google on how to commit suicide and how to break the human skull.

Sanja denies all allegations and his defence is he was suffering abnormality of mental function at the time he attacked his wife. The tiral is still ongoing.

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