Celestine Nwabueze shares the sweet story of how a Muslim woman named her son after him in war torn Borno.

After helping in the delivery of a baby boy as villagers fled a village in Borno state due to an
impending attack from Boko Haram » , this brave soldier » has been honoured in the sweetest way.

Celestine Nwabueze made a choice when he stayed back to assist the Muslim woman who was in labour at one of the worst times possible and for that, she named her son after him.

Sharing photos of himself cradling the new born, Nwabueze wrote:

“This were I respect women so much, this child was born at my back when those idiots wants to attack the villagers, despite the fear, the mother stood still and endure the pain and with the help of the old women at the village, she had a safe delivery. The woman wants to name the child after me, but due to am a Christian and she is not, I have to give her a name Abukar that’s in Igbo, it’s Ebuka.

“Look at the mother at my back smiling at us, this one is Amina Ali. ”

Very few people would have stayed back to help as Nwabueze did, and his actions would always be remembered whenever the name of that child is mentioned.

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