1. Women On Top

This is the most dangerous p*sition to your wang.

Dr Van Kirk says, ‘This issue is basically the woman’s pubic boneIt’s slightly differently positioned in each woman.

‘At times there’s not enough lubrication when the woman goes to sit on the p*nis if there’s enough force or friction or the p*nis catches on the pubic bone, that’s when that bend will occur in that ligament. That is more common than people think.

2. D*ggy Style

The Brazilian study found that p*netration from behind was the second most dangerous p*sition for p*nile breakages.

You’re also at risk of accidentally shoving your dong up your partner’s b*m, Dr Van Kirk warns.

‘I’ll often see from rear-entry positions guys going to penetrate the v*gina and fairly often the p*nis will accidentally go into the a*us,,’ says Dr Van Kirk.

‘And because there wasn’t any preparation, there can be a*al tears and things like that.’

3. Reverse Cowley

This one (where the woman is backwards on top of the man, and often to be seen in Dutch art films), is even more dangerous to your wang, Dr Van Kirk says.

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