Waist beads are often worn by African women and it holds certain fascination for many. The beautiful stream of color blending could be one of the reasons for this fascination or the way a woman’s lower body moves when this ornament is worn could be another.

– The waist beads in truth are associated with s3_x and S33_xuality. It has the ability to stir deep erotic feelings in men. S33_xual pleasure is heightened when men see waist beads resting seductively on a woman’s hips. The beads make the women aware of themselves and the power wielded round their S33_xuality. The waist, hips, bum and thighs become the focal point of attention when the bead is worn. Feminism and beauty is enhanced with the wearing of waist beads. Young girls wear waist beads to show they are growing into young beautiful women that are ready for marriage.

-During Lovemaking, Body movements are accentuated when beads are being worn. In addition, the waistbead seeks to draw the attention of the opposite S33_x to the woman’s hips, bum, thig3s and movement.

-The confidence of many the women who wear waist beads is boosted with the strings of beads round their waist. They are able to prolong S33_xual activities as the men run their fingers over the beads during foreplay. The sound and feel of the beads between two heated bodies during love making creates a sea of excitement for them.

-Girls who started wearing waist beads at a tender age, have very perfect and desirable waist lines, shaped by the beads.

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