Adokiye Kyrian insists she is a virgin and being gay has nothing to do with it.

Adokiye Kyrian might be rethinking her decision to profess to all and sundry about her virginity » as she has continued to receive jabs because of it.

Just in case you were wondering if something had changed, the singer is still as intact as she was when she made her shocking revelation.

Years after her epic revelation, Adokiye is still being accused of everything from being a liar to being gay.

She has admitted that the jabs are beginning to draw blood, and she receives them on a daily basis, with some telling her to stop claiming virginity and just admit to being gay.

In a chat with a Sunday Punch correspondent, Adokiye said:

“A lot of people are tagging me gay.

“I don’t blame them. It’s not easy to find a beautiful girl who’s still a virgin, especially in this tough period. The truth is, I love men, I adore them, I cherish them and got so much respect for them but my problem is, I haven’t found that somebody yet, to give my body and heart to. It doesn’t mean I am a lesbian or gay or what not.”

Adokiye who once said that she would give her heart to the first man who is able to buy her mum the private jet she promised her, seems to have lowered the standard to simply include “a responsible man, someone that would respect me and be God-fearing.”

The “Grace” crooner, who just released a

collabo with Oritefemi » , “Jombolo,” insists that she is still a virgin and if we really think about it, has given us no reasons to doubt it.

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