Some Northern fundamentalists are not cool with the fact that President Buhari’s wife, Aisha, shook hands with a white man.
They think she deliberately decided to go against the ethics of the Islamic religion.

Aisha Buhari in handshake with a man in Belgium

Aisha Buhari posted a picture of her in a handshake with a man in Belgium. As expected, northerners descended on her for the ‘reckless’ action. It should be noted that a large section of the lslamic women from the northern part of the country are opposed to shaking hands with men other than their husbands. The action is seen as flirtatious especially when taken by married women.
Some of the commenters defended the seemingly innocent handshake but they were outrightly outnumbered. Read how the drama played out below on her fan page:

Nawa oh! Anything wey she do, people must talk!

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