AUDIO MP3: Britney Spears ft. Tinashe – Slumber Party (Remix)

Fans are going crazy over a potential remix to Britney Spears Glory single featuring the “2 On” singer. Tinasheconfirmed the rumors with a photo next to her hero.

“The face you make when the rumors are true and you collabed with your idol & basically your whole life is a dream so you keep it cute for Brit but inside you are wigless and dead,” she wrote. “#slumberparty #ultimatestangoals #whatislife #reallyhappening”

arlier in the day, Spears posted the same image with a coy caption. “Neighbors say we’re causing a commotion,” she wrote on Instagram, referencing lyrics from “Slumber Party.”

The photo above the caption — the same one Tinashe posted — shows the singers hugging one another at what could very well be a shoot for the “Slumber Party” remix video.

Looking back, this could be what the “Just Say” songstress was talking about a week ago when she posted a photo of herself in a recording studio. “Dreams are real,” she wrote at the time. “#justwaitonit #legendaryshit.”

It really is a “dream” come true for Tinashe. She’s shared her love for Britney several times, even shooting a Complex photo inspired by a classic Spears shot in Rolling Stone.

Then, just last month, Tinashe fan-girl’ed out at a Britney show, yelling things like “I love you,” “Oh my God,” and “I love you so much” on Snapchat. Spears saw the love and sent it right back. Slumber party remix is coming soon

See anticipation below:

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