The new iPhone 7 shows us a new future without wires, unfortunately it has killed the aux cord which we love.

One of the best things to do when driving in your friend’s car is having the aux cord and playing tunes straight from your phone.

When driving with friends, the guy who is riding shotgun is the undesignated DJ, the ambiance creator and the melody conductor. He is given the aux cord to select the songs for the ride or the trip.

It is an unwritten law that if the man with the aux cord plays songs that suck, the next man at the back is given the cord. The aux cord is more than just a cable. It is a symbol of camaraderie and friendship. It has helped create a bond between individuals. Urban Dictionary defines an aux cord as the blood and lifeline of a car trip.

Well, the guys in Apple are not really concerned about the lifelines of car trips. The new iPhone 7 infamously comes without a headphone jack, which is an aux cord also uses. The geeks at Apple are trying to hasten the reality of a wireless future so they have done away with the output jack.

Say goodbye to the aux cord game guys. No longer can you brag that your aux cord game is fire. Car trips with four friends who have the new iPhone won’t be the same again that’s for sure. “Yo bro hook me up with your Bluetooth speakers” doesn’t match up to “yo bro pass me the aux cord. ” That sense of authority and responsibility is gone.

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The upside about this wireless iPhone is that it is going to take a while before a lot of people have the new iPhone 7 » in Nigeria thanks to the cost and the exchange rate right now. But as we all know Apple are trend setters so expect all Android phones within the next two years to do away with the headphone jack.

For now, the aux cord fellowship is still thriving. Let’s enjoy before the wireless future takes it from us.