– Jose Mourinho insists he was never friends with Roman Abramovich
– The coach insists he relationship with the Russian was purely professional
– Mourinho clears the air on his exit from Chelsea in December 2015

José Mourinho say he was never friends with Roman Abramovich despite the Chelsea’s owner twice appointing him.

Manchester United travel to face Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on Sunday. Mourinho was in charge from 2004-07 and 2013-15, winning three Premier League titles, one FA Cup and three League Cups.

Jose Mourinho

Speaking ahead of the clash, Mourinho spoke his ‘professional relationship’ with Abramovich and revealed that he was sacked by Chelsea in December 2015 hence refusing Chelsea’s claims that he left by mutual consent.

“He was never my friend,” Mourinho said of Abramovich. “We always had the relationship of owner-manager; a very respectful relationship. We were never friends. We were never close to each other. So, no, he is just a person that I keep very respected.

“If I went to his house it was for a professional meeting. We never shared anything personal. We were not friends, maybe because I was respectful for the position of the owner. Maybe because I showed him respect I didn’t have problems but we were not close.”

Asked what he would do if he bumped into the Russian at Stamford Bridge, he added: “I will shake his hand, I will ask if his kids are fine.

On his sack in December 2015 after a defeat at leicester City Mourinho said: “Mr Abramovich decided to sack me. It was not mutual consent. But I left without a bad word about anything or anyone at the club.

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“That was in my first period at Chelsea when I agreed it was time to change.

“I was keen to change, more than ready to go to other countries but this time it was not like that.

“It was a decision by the owner and I was informed of that decision. I accepted it in a polite way and we signed the papers. I did it in a calm, respectful way.”