​A suspected burglar was caught red-handed after breaking into a house and trying to steal some valuables in Sokponba in Benin city, Edo state.

Warning: graphic content!

According to social media user who shared the photos, the man was detained, badly beaten, tied up like a bush meat and handed over to police officers.

Jungle justice: Man was caught red-handed, beaten and tied up

The man was also accused of previous break-in last month, when he allegedly broke the window to enter a house and stole a laptop, phone and jewellery.
“About a month ago some thieves invaded my friend’s house at upper Sokponba in Benin city, broke through the window, and made away with some valuables, inlcuding his laptop, phone and jewelries.

Man was then taken to police station for further investigation

Yesterday at 4am the same robber tried to do the same to his street neighbours but was caught, beaten and handed over to the police,” it was reported.
A similar incident took place nearly a month ago in Port-Harcourt, Rivers state, where a female robber was stripped naked and her male gang members were beaten by locals for collecting cash from a man.

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