A 44-year-old man, Jacques Rouschop, accused of raping and and choking two women has claimed he could not have committed any of the two crimes because he is too obese and his penis is too small.

Rouschop has pleaded not guilty and is currently standing trial for the vicious attack on two sex workers in Ottawa, Canada, sometime in 2013.

During the proceedings, the women claim they were attacked and choked until they blacked out in the backseat of his truck in an industrial car park. But on Thursday, Rouschop’s lawyer, Natasha Calvinho, said that Rouschop couldn’t have committed the crimes because of his physical limitations.

The Ottawa Citizen reports reports that the lawyer claimed that Rouschop’s weight is around 28.5 stone at the time he has trouble attracting women and turned to the services of sex trade workers. A registered nurse also testified that Rouschop, who is thought to have been 28.5 stone at the time, is 5ft 6 inches tall and now has a 66-inch waist and 31-inch thighs. She also confirmed that the accused has a one-inch penis – measuring approximately two inches when erect – and the jury were shown photographs of him naked.


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