Media personality Oreka Godis is celebrating her man, Mohammed Yesufu, who turned a year older on Monday. In a special message to him shared via social media, Oreka poured out her heart and praised him for being loyal and true. In her words:

…and then we found love, in a hopeless place. You’ve told me many times before that it’s ‘he who breaks the most toys that wins’ so, here’s to the wrecking ball that’s about to swing in our favour. You challenge me and excite me and never let me forget that you will always be in my corner.

I am grateful for the years we’ve had together and pray for many more to come. May the next twelve months especially be the set up, everything we need it to be and much more. May we refocus, deconstruct, build and evolve. Always together. Your big heart is so selfless, you would do anything for one of your own. You are a loyal and true friend and I hope you know everyday, that you are loved by so many.

You had to work yesterday but I hope you had a solid moment in there at least where you enjoyed your birthday. If not, I have another twelve months to get it right #CocaineBiceps #BatWolverine #MyRealLifeSuperHero #DidntKnowIWasLookingForLoveTilliFoundY
More photos of Mohammed below…

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