Residents of Ibeshe in Ikpakodo area of Ikorodu were thrown into pandemonium on Friday morning after a group of rapists attacked and killed a pregnant woman, leaving her husband and children in critical conditions.

According to reports from the area, the group had been terrorising the residents for a long period with a certain pedophile (Badoo) particularly wreaking havoc by sleeping with minors and newly-married women.

But in this latest development as reported by The Guardian, the woman was stabbed and murdered in cold blood while her husband, their two children and a neighbour were quickly rushed to the Emergency Unit of the Ikorodu General Hospital, Lagos.

The incident was said to have happened in Oluwoye community in the Lagos suburb and left the families of Abe Kazeem and Sunday Robert in serious agony as residents are still in serious shock over the terrible attacks.

Matthew Mogalu, who lives in the area, explained how the families were attacked. He said: “It was not the first time such an incident has happened. A killer gang, whose motives we don’t know, yesterday stormed the house of Kazeem.

“The gang believed to be militants gained access through the window. The men, though were heavily armed, did not shoot their victims. They hit the family with iron rod before they stabbed them several times.

“Kazeem was stabbed in the neck and hit with iron rod. His pregnant wife, Afusatu, was hit with iron rod on her stomach before she was stabbed severally.

“Her two children were stabbed severally too. I think the woman died because of her pregnant situation.”

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Speaking further, the man said: “Robert is living close to the Kazeems. I think he raised the alarm when he saw the killer squad and the hoodlums got angry and went after him.

“He was hit with grinding stone before he was stabbed.

“It was the groaning of Robert that attracted a neighbour, who raised the alarm that Robert had not come out since morning.

“When his door was opened, we saw Robert lying in the pool of his blood. He was pointing at Kazeem’s house.

“Some of us rushed him to the hospital, while some raced to Kazeem’s house. When we arrived Kazeem’s house, what we saw is better imagined.

“His wife has died. He and his two children were unconscious. We rushed them to the hospital too.

“As I am talking to you, I don’t know their condition. In fact, their conditions were so critical that only God’s intervention can save them from death.

“This is not the first time this type of incident is happening in this area. About two months ago, a family of a taxi driver was wiped out in a similar was, but they were shot. I think members of the killer squad are militants who are sending a warning signal to us.

“I am appealing to the Lagos State Police Command to intensify patrol in Ikorodu area. We have vigilante groups in this area, but they have failed us. I don’t know why a crime of this magnitude should happen twice in a month without a suspect being caught.”

Speaking also on the attack, another resident identified as Emmanuel Ibe, stated however, that “I think the gang are armed robbers who came to terrorise us. I think the families resisted the robbers.”