There is some tension following reports accusing the minister for transport, Hon Rotimi Amaechi of bribery.

Amaechi reportedly gave bribe to help Muhammadu Buhari, prior to his becoming president of Nigeria.

The minister was accused by Justice John Inyang Okoro who claims that the raid on his residence by operatives of the Department of State Services (DSS) was because he refused to help Rotimi Amaechi .

Okoro in a letter addressed to the chief justice has admitted that $38, 800 and N3.5 million was found in his apartment when DSS operatives raiding his houses in the early hours of Saturday, October 8, but claimed that the money was the balance of his medical/vacation allowances which he has received for three years.

The ex-governor of Rivers state has said the accusations are false, and are just fiction borne in the imagination of Justice John Okoro .

Nigerians have reacted to the very sensitive issue that does not only cast aspersion on the person of Rotimi Amaechi, but also goes a long way in stirring dust regarding the integrity of Nigerian justices and indeed the judiciary system at large.

Fredrick Ezema said : “In life what matters is the way and aproach in which an issue handled for me let them go to court may be things will be revealed.

Let EFCC go after many more so that things hiding will be revealed more.

Long live Nigeria, Long live EFCC Long live SECURITY OF OUTFIT OF OUR TIME.”
Ubi Egom said: “Data Entry Officer at Cross River State Agency for the Control of HIV/AIDS

You see why I always tell people to do the right thing at the right time, WHAT THE JUDGE IS SAYING MAY BE RIGHT but because he is saying it at THE WRONG TIME even me I will not believe him for HIDING THE TRUTH and going against THE OATH OF HIS CALLING. I pray other judges will learn from him TO SAY THE TRUTH WHEN IT IS RIGHT TO SAY IT. Politicians are chameleons deal with them at the right time or you get yourself to be blame”

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Ozioma Kiens said: “Arrest justice okon abang now Hausa people and Yoruba will be praising Buhari that he is fighting corruption.well we know he is not he is only fighting his political opponents and those that refuse to dance to APC’s tune well the only thing I know is Buhari and APC will shoot themselves on the leg because the same way they came that’s the same way they will leave gbam mm!!!!”

Jimoh Adebayo Nureni said: “The judge is looking for an escape route. He should tell us why he kept almost N20M at home but, not in the bank. He claimed he built the amount up over 3 years then why not saving it in the bank if his hands are clean? God will judge.”

Jumbo Soty said: “Do what you have to do, the honorable minister for transport Rotimi Amaechi still remain the only ex-governor who will still come up at anytime to defend himself in public, take him to court, he will be there with you. After his tenor, take him to court, he will still be there with you anyday, anytime.”

Bashir Sule said: “Very funny story and it sounds fake, he came to offer the judge bribe for a panel that he is yet to be among, who does that? But since the Biafra people have lost their sense of reasoning coz of d absurd hatred d have for this administration, d will still believe this just like cows been controlled by herdsmen, any direction the herdsman say the should go, the go without thinking, Biafra people are like dis cows. Won’t reply any insult from fools but u guys should wake up from your dream. Silent the say is the best answer to a fool.”

Jessy James was of the opinion that “When you turn down DSS meeting that was scheduled at Kaduna,the replaced you with another judge that gave them what the wanted that was why the fabricated that story of corrupt judges. I know those corrupt judges are those that refused to do as mumu-hammadu buhari instructed them.”

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Aliemeke Michae Jeons said: “Answer your case and stop being a story teller, who did you tell before now, is Amechi constituting the Panel even when Jonathan is still the President because all tribunal were set up during Jonathan’s time. When can we stop deceiving ourselves in this country.”

Olatunji Abiodun said: “The funniest thing is that the judge waited till he was arrested for bribe before he revealed this. I remember Otedola and Faruk”s case when the bribe giver implicated the bribe taker. The judge should have blow the trumpet then, but he kept quiet and expect us to believe him now. These judges are criminal. If a defendant give this type of excuse to him without evidence, would he believe the person? He should shut up and defend himself in court. The question is if he is guilty of the offense he is accused of.

Yusuf Oshafu was of the opinion that “No amount of cheap propaganda will bail u out of this mess. You will continue to sing like canary until u find yourself in Kuje Prison. You forgot to tell us whether the money u used to build those eye catching mansions also came from Amechi, Buhari or APC.”

Manduuwem Udom said: “Oh Ameachi should thank God bcos if come Akwa Ibom to rig election, a non-indigene of the state. He wil leave Akwa Ibom inside corven/casket. Irrespective of party you can do that nonsense in Akwa Ibom State as non-indigene. I trust my state God bless Akwa Ibom State, God bless Annang land in Jesus name, amen.”

Isah Jamu Gamba said: “After all Amechi is indicted about a million times each time Buhari says 16years of PDP destroyed Nigeria.

If is said Amechi bribed anyone I would not doubt it. If Buhari is sincere he would not doubt it either except what he says about PDP everyday is just a narrative.”

Oteari Attoni was of the opinion that “Nigeria’s problem is within. Once the right this is done the situation will change for good. Every individual that has been accussed no matter the status must be investigated by an independent team to assertain the truth. Not to invade judges and allow ex-governors and criminals in high places moving freely and terriorizing others just because the government of the favours them.”

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Oliver Offia said: “Amechi is born criminal he inference buhari to trasfer river,akwa ibom and abia state election tribunal to abuja and changing of tribunal chairman for him to have access to the judge,last meeting john oyegun have with buharig,he told buhari that tinubu is ingreat upon he produce VP and also in control of all s/west govs,he stil anger about ondo Apc while amechi that support buhari and apc is stil royal and confidence to the party and Apc will do everything possible to give river state back to amechi,and this is promise will to him,buhari reply i will give him everything to take over river state by force,amechi grounded river state private jet in Ghana til today, born criminal from ikwere.”

Dr Confidence Francis said: “It’s no news and it is not surprising that Ameachi bribed the judge, am even tempted to affirm it as true, cos these politicians are desperadoes and bribery is their hobby n watch word, logically reasoning there will be no need for the judge to lie against Ameachi among every other people, but there is a clear and glaring need for Ameachi or any other politician to bribe a judge. Even if the country is in recession Nigerians are no fools. And just for record purposes I thought financial and economic crimes are for the efcc while issue bothering or national security and violence r for the DSS that is what we call job description it’s majorly in Naija that an artist can become a banker.”