There is the need for people to stop reacting when they are likened to animals. As a matter of fact, we are higher animals that can coordinate better than the other animals.

When this clarification is done and accepted, it should not be difficult for people to agree with the fact that there will be similarities between animals and human beings. Animals mate the same way human beings get intimate with each other when they make love.

The processes may be different but that does not change the fact they do it too. Some women find sex tiring and they often protest during marathon love making. A lioness has proved this right when she reacted when her male counterpart will not let her be.

The lioness was obviously tired of the advances made by the lion. This caused the reaction that was seen in these pictures. Mating could become a pain when it is being overdone. Although it is a life process, it could become a burden when it is being done consistently.

The lioness had more than she could take and that caused the epic reaction.

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