Men of the 21st century need to get over the much talked about friend zone and step up

Guy likes girl. Girl likes guy but not in the way guy likes girl. Guy and girl spend a lot of time together. Guy is scared to tell girl what he really wants. After a few months guy summons the courage to tell the girl how he feels. Unfortunately, girl tells guy these dreadful words “sorry, you are like a friend to me. ” Guy walks away in anguish.

Welcome to the friend zone, the unholy place where guys dread. It’s the opposite of finding yourself in a woman’s heart. It’s purgatory for the modern man. You are not outrightly rejected but you are not outrightly embraced.

There is so much big deal about the friend zone. It has been written about so many times. There are many movies about it and Adekunle Gold ‘s

latest music video » is titled ‘ Friend Zone’. Why there is still so much fuss about the friend zone?

A lot of guys can’t stand being rejected which is silly because rejection is a part of life. Everyone has been rejected at some point in his or her life. Still, a lot of anger is thrown at being in the friend zone.

Breaking the popular myth, the friend zone doesn’t happen to nice guys, it happens to slow guys. Beyond all the emotions, time invested and good deeds it all boils down to this, the friend zone is for guys without a spine.

Suave men like the James Bond character get rejected too, but they don’t dwell on it. They move on and look for another lady who will be interested in them. Moving on gracefully after being rejected is a fine art. Sadly not a lot of guys these days have it.

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Also, the men who are slammed in the friend zone are the ones who dilly dally around women they are interested in but do not make a move in a timely manner. If you like a woman just go ahead and tell her. She isn’t going to bite your head off. The worst she can say is no. If she does gracefully move on.

The problem occurs when you have invested so much time and effort and she does not return your feelings. The more time and effort you put into something or someone, the more emotions you invest. Most slow guys wait a great deal of time before approaching a woman. By the time she says no, the slow guy’s ego takes a big hit and he becomes so emotional.

Rejection happens to everyone. The friend zone happens to the slow and weak. Hanging around after she says no hoping one day she sees the light is only for guys who don’t have options.