Sade was the neighbourhood whor3, and no, this was not an insult, it was actually what she was.

She had f3cked virtually all the men in our building and two more buildings surrounding ours. Married, old, young, she f3cked them all. She lived in the flat just above mine but I had never f3cked her. For some reason, the fact that she was so easy turned me off.

Of course, she had tried to get my attention. She would get more than a little friendly if she ran into me in the stairwell or she would find silly reasons to knock on my door. Mostly I shrugged her off, it was not really my thing.

I did, however, make the mistake of mentioning her to my good friend, Sunday. The poor guy was bobbing up and down in excitement when I talked about her slutty ways. He pushed and prodded and begged and even made threats so that I would introduce them. I eventually caved.

One evening, I was returning from work when I ran into Sade stepping out of the house, all decked out in a revealing dress and over-the-top makeup. That was one thing that turned me off about her. She always seemed to be trying too hard whenever I caught her on her way out.

“Hey Sade, heading out?” I asked.

She smiled widely since I hardly ever talked to her. “Dammy. Hi. Yes ooo…Visiting friends. You know how it goes.”

I smiled and nodded. “Was hoping you might come hang out with me and a friend…” I said, then added casually, “maybe some other time.”

Her smile got even wider if that were possible. “Sure, why not, I can always postpone my outing. Do you want to meet at Buzz? I know that’s where you guys like to chill.”

I was going to ask her how she knew but chose to let it go. “Sure. We can meet up around 8.”

Sunday and I were sitting in the bar at around 8:30pm when we saw Sada sashay in. She spotted us and walked over to take a seat. She was wearing the same dress I saw her in earlier and as soon as she sat, the skirt of the dress rode up, making her whole legs and thighs completely visible. Sunday looked like he was about to dive in it. He kept glancing towards her as I made the introduction.

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“This is Sunday,” I said to Sade, “my very good friend. He really wanted to meet you.”

They shook hands and got to talking over drinks. When I felt like they were well acquainted, I decided to excuse myself. I wanted to take a pee before heading out. As I came out of the restroom, I collided with Sade.

“So you will now leave like that?” she asked, standing so close to me that her br3asts were pushing against my chest.

“Errr…I don’t understand.”

“You cannot just leave me with your friend and disappear.”

“I thought you were having fun.”

She laughed, tugging at my hands and pulling me towards a quiet corner in the building. I was still gazing at her in surprise when her hands began to work the buttons of my jeans.

“You want me to f3ck your friend? I will. But first, let me show you what I can do.”

I was about to push against her when she reached into my open trousers and grabbed my c3ck in her hand. She pushed her hand up and down the length.

Granted, I did not like this chick, but when a woman’s hand is stroking your c3ck like that, the choice gets taken away from you.

She quickly lowered her head and flicked the tip of my c3ck with her tongue. She circled around, teasing it, and I felt it get harder as she licked. She wrapped her mouth around the whole head and slowly slid my hardening d3ck into her mouth.

I grabbed her head and bounced it forward and back, up and down on my c3ck. She suck3d eagerly, making slurping noises as she went. She slid her tongue down to my balls and licked the soft flesh, taking them into her mouth.

She wrapped her arms around my waist and squeezed as she suck3d me enthusiastically. I pumped in and out, driving my cock straight down her mouth to her throat. She might be a whor3 but she was a skilled one, I thought, as my hard d3ck began to sw3ll and I knew I was about to explode.

She kept her lips clamped around me as I came, sucking and swallowing it all. Her tongue darted out and she licked some of the c3m that dribbled down her lips and chin.

She got back up and I pulled up my jeans.

“I will go f3ck your friend now but I am coming to you afterwards. Wait up for me. Let me blow your mind.” She said, turning to walk away.

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Sade knocked on my door at about 12 midnight. I knew it was her because she promised to come over immediately after she was done with Sunday, my friend.

“So I did what you wanted. He is very satisfied and enjoying a relaxing sleep in my bed upstairs. It’s your turn now.” She said as she stood in the doorway.

She had changed from the tight dress she wore earlier. She now wore a simple knee-length nightie and I could clearly see her breasts and nipples through the fabric.

God, how was it possible to really dislike someone but still feel your d3ck harden just seeing her?, I stepped aside for her to enter. She walked straight into my bedroom and I followed. She came to stand in front of me. I was wearing just a pair of shorts and she brought her mouth upwards. I thought she wanted a kiss but, she might have suspected I would not be into that because her mouth came to rest on my chest instead.

She trailed kisses down my chest to my stomach then went on her knees. My cock jerked in anticipation. She had blown me earlier and I knew exactly what to expect. She pulled down my shorts to my feet and I stepped out of them. She held my cock in her hand.

“Yours is much bigger than his, you know?” she said, looking up at me. I would not lie. The compliment that my dick was bigger than my friend’s thrilled me.

She got on her knees, my cock still in her hand. She pulled back and plunged my cock into her mouth. Her hands grabbed my balls and my butt3cks holding me in place. I could feel the tip of my p3nis hit the back of her throat.

She wrapped her hand around my c3ck and under my balls, causing them to move toward her mouth. With my c3ck firmly against the back of her throat, she began to lick my scr3tum. She was very enthusiastic and suck3d like a pro. I groaned, knowing I would c3m soon if I let her go on. I wanted to bury my c3ck in her slutty cunt before that happened.

I pushed her so she was lying on the bed. I sat up on my knees and leant over to her mouth. She got my d3ck wet with big sloppy licks.

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I quickly returned to the entrance of her pu33y and rammed my d3ck all the way in immediately. She cried loudly at this and arched her back strongly, lifted her head up and slammed it back into the bed. I got into a fast rhythm as I began to f3ck.

“F3ck me from behind,” she said, in between moans.

I withdrew my d3ck and she turned around. She arched her back and I could easily see her engorged lips and gleaming ass. I grabbed both ass cheeks and spread them. I thrust into her very hard. She brought her hand to her cl3t and started rubbing it. Her pu33y pulsed and contracted almost immediately. She looked back and stared at me through lowered eyelids with her lip slightly curled up.

I grabbed her shoulders with both hands and thrust as fast as I could. I could feel her bucking back up against me and I couldn’t figure out who was f3cking who harder. Every time my d3ck withdrew from her it was glistening from her juices. She began rubbing her cl3t very fast and buried her head in the pillow.

With each muffled moan I felt her pu33y tighten and the pressure around my d3ck became enormous. I kept thrusting and she continued groaning wildly. I had to grab her hips with all my strength to keep my rhythm.

She came, releasing a sharp cry. She leant up, cried out loudly then buried her face in the bed and thrashed. Her pu33y became incredibly tense and my c3ck began to throb powerfully. With each thrust, I could feel a gush of sperm shooting into her pu33y. It made her pu33y even wetter and leaked out onto her lips and my sh3ft and balls.

“Damn. So much better than Sunday,” she said in a muffled voice.

“I think you should return to him now,” I said. I had gotten my satisfaction and quickly realising I don’t fancy being around this chick much.

She looked at me then got up to get dressed.

“This is not over,” she said, as she walked out the door.