Girls lie about the amount of people that they’ve slept with to cover up the assumption that they’re loose.

They’re worried that by being totally honest, dudes will judge them based solely on our number se_xual experiences and write us off as loose. But fellas, before you even consider breaching this subject, remember that there are some rules and exceptions that may come into play.

1.Men Ask Them Too Soon

You don’t do that stuff at the bar the first night you meet. That’s inappropriate. Women would be offended by any guy that cared so soon. It’s cool to ask questions like that after a few dates, once she knows that you’re legitimately interested. Ask too soon and you’ll just get a lie in return.

2.Do You Have The Right To Ask?

Unless the girl you’re seeing was a po_rn star before you met, it’s none of your business how many people she’s been with. What you don’t know (and what hasn’t been se_xually transmitted) can’t hurt you. Plus, not all chicks are lying by decreasing the number of men they’ve been with. Some women actually lie about large numbers especially if they’re after an older guy.

3.The experiences were not that good or too good.

Listen men, you don’t want to hear that the dude who came before you was the freaking best. Not only does it make you feel insecure, but it ruins everything.

Also, no woman is going to make a loud confession that she had awful se_x in the past. Some things are best kept secret.

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4. It Never Ends Well

Revealing the number of men women have slept with never ends well for both parties. Jealousy, doubt, insecurity and suspicion start creeping in. Every time she tries a new move men will be busy thinking if she has tried it on another man before.

In the grand scheme if things, it does’t really matter. It doesn’t give a sense of closure, it’s merely to satisfy curiosity and egos.