AUDIO MP3: Gabriel Garzon-Montano – Sour Mango

Listen to Gabriel Garzon-Montano’s succulent “Sour Mango.”

In 2014, Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Gabriel Garzon-Montano released an EP titled Bishouné: Alma del Huila. Not only is it a superb project, but two of its songs were sampled on tracks by big-name artists: Drake’s “Jungle” and Jacquees’ “Mood.”

Now Garzon-Montano is signed to Stones Throw, and he is angling to release Jardín, his follow up to Bishouné, in January. This afternoon he released “Sour Mango,” which despite its name contains sweet melody and succulent harmony. It is the story of a once ripe-love gone bad, leaving Garzon-Montano to contemplate what could have been.

Listen and follow Garzon-Montano on SoundCloud.

Quotable Lyrics

I had a dream and it felt just like you
I’ll never know if our love was true
Keep on dancing I’ll keep on dancing
Atop a hill under the mango tree
Wishing on a memory
Hoping you were siting thinking of me

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