Putting the right things in your body will, no doubt, improve your se_x life. But, did you know that having as little as a bottle of beer can instantly make you a better lover?

1. Delay premature ejacu_lation: If you sometimes arrive early to the party, having your favorite brew might help you wait until the right moment for the grand finale. The phytoestrogens in beer can work to delay ejacu_lation, helping you to keep her satisfied longer.

2. Darker beer is better: Fun fact about darker beer – it has more iron than pale beer. When you have more iron in your system, it actually helps you get in the mood because it increases red blood cells and overall circulation allowing for erec_tions to be easier — and more frequent.

3. More endurance: a pint a day makes you 31% less likely than those who don’t drink to suffer from heart attacks, strokes or heart disease. This means that when paired with exercise — beer is actually keeping your heart healthier, giving you more cardio endurance to thrust away.

4. Go with Guinness: Guinness is rich in vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin B and others that have probiotic qualities. This means it can help fortify your overall health and be better on your stomach so you won’t feel sluggish during se_x.

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