Numerous women, mostly married, are always open for ideas that can make their marriage and s3x lives better that is why on Facebook you will find groups exclusively dedicated for this.

Ladies on these Facebook groups have never been shy to share their expl!cit experiences with different men.

Now, a Kenya lady from of the most popular women’s FB group – Kilimani Mums Nairobi Uncensored has shocked the internet after revealing what happens when you add salt to the vag!na.

The woman who goes by the Facebook name – Ava Nikki claimed that putting salt in your ‘veejay’ traps your man or in her words.

Hi mums, I saw an advise here that when you put salt in your nunu(v2igna) your man will never leave you. So I did it yesterday immediately my man comes home like he wants to make love….. ustake jua what happened next. Hahhahaaha ui, See screenshot below;

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