According to Dailystar, a group of researchers have found the type of man that gives women a better org3sm.

Researchers at the University of Albany quizzed young heteros33xual women in relationships about their s33x lives, including how frequently and intensely they experienced org3sms.

The team also looked at their partners’ traits and details like family income, body measurements, personality, sense of humour and looks.

To make sure they weren’t being biased, scientists asked the participants’ friends to rate the attractiveness of the men too.

And it wasn’t all good news. The study found women were more likely to climax regularly during s33x if their partner was rich, confident and attractive.

Similarly the intensity of their org3sms was related to how physically attractive their partners were.

The study said: “org3sm intensity was related to how attracted [women] were to their partners, how many times they had s33x per week and ratings of s33xual satisfaction.

“Those with partners who their friends rated as more attractive also tended to have more intense org3sms.

“s33xual satisfaction was related to how physically attracted women were to their partner and the breadth of his shoulders.

“Their partner’s sense of humour not only predicted his self-confidence and family income, but it also predicted women’s propensity to initiate s33x, how often they had s33x and it enhanced their org3sm frequency in comparison with other partners.”

Interestingly the researchers think there’s an evolutionary reason for girls enjoying s33x with hot, strong and funny guys.

It all comes down to a female selecting a good mate which will allow her to breed more “successful” children.


But before you get too disappointed about not being good-looking, successful, wealthy and hilarious remember it’s all relative.

Basically if a woman finds you attractive and laughs at your jokes then she’s more likely to climax in your company.

And some studies suggest that personality wins out over appearance every time.

A recent study conducted by the journal of Evolutionary Psychology found that altruism (a selfless concern for others) was the main thing that women looked for when choosing a serious boyfriend.

Interestingly the researchers discovered that girls were more likely to choose a guy who was considerate but not hot over someone who was handsome but not that kind.

Also they noted that for less good-looking guys, showing off a selfless side would increase their attractiveness and make them seem like a more appealing long-term partner.

So if you want to secure a few dates then try volunteering at your local soup kitchen or helping an old lady cross the road.